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Double Power International is a professional laser plywood manufacturer and laser material supplier. We provide professional-grade plywood and MDF to global users. They are optimized products produced according to the needs of the laser processing industry. It is different from traditional furniture plywood and Outdoor structural plywood, all material selection and workmanship enhancements for laser cutting and laser engraving experience and better results.

           Laser plywood materials are suitable for most mainstream models of laser machine sizes, such as C20, K40, Glowforge, etc., with a complete range of thickness, such as 1/8", 1/4", 1/2", etc. Available in poplar, basswood, beech, Radiata pine, birch, sycamore, bamboo and other materials are available.

          Can provide 920*920mm, 36''*36'', 12''*24'', A4, and other fixed and customized sizes.

          The laser processing performance of this material is far superior to similar products in the market, which you only need one sample to confirm. At the same time, it provides efficient and convenient distribution services (door-to-door tax-clearing transportation delivery) for global customers.

           We sell in bulk to global sellers, importers and end-processing customers, while looking for cooperative distributors in blank areas around the world.

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