• 1/8'' basswood plywood for laser cutting
  • 1/8'' basswood plywood for laser cutting
  • 1/8'' basswood plywood for laser cutting
  • 1/8'' basswood plywood for laser cutting
  • 1/8'' basswood plywood for laser cutting
  • 1/8'' basswood plywood for laser cutting
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1/8'' basswood plywood for laser cutting
  • Double Power International
  • China
  • 3-5 days
  • 3000 square meters per day

1. high strength
2. smooth surface, no bubbles or cracks
3. eco-friendly
4. Wide range of applications, can be used for furniture, car shells, children's toys, etc
5. Accepts custom sizes and has a great laser cutting experience,Glowforge

1/8'' basswood plywood for laser cutting

1/4''basswood plywood

1/8''basswood plywood

basswood ply

1/4''basswood plywood

Product Name: Laser Plywood

Material selection: basswood/poplar/Baltic birch/beech/sycamore/bamboo/MDF

Size: 12''*12''/11.75''*19''/12''*19''/12''*20''/12''*24''/

Paper size: A2/A3/A4/A5

Thickness: 1/8''~1/4''

Number of layers: 5 layers/7 layers

Core Material: Poplar/Baltic Birch

Glue: Indoor grade E1/E0

Usage scene: laser cutting/glow forging/glow forging/DIY/sublimation/laser etching/laser painting

Advantages: better flatness than traditional three-layer plywood, lower deformation rate, smoother surface basswood veneer, high-grade poplar in the core, no knots and impervious points.

Minimum purchase quantity: 1000 pieces

Packing method: plastic packaging/packing carton/packing carton/pallet/container

Delivery method: DDP (delivery to your door after tax clearance)

Shipping Address: China Port

Company Profile:

       Shuangli International is a plywood manufacturer specializing in the production of laser grade plywood. We have an excellent material supply chain production system and a series of plywood products and density board series that match the size of mainstream laser machines.

product advantages:

        The thickness of the product ranges from 1.5mm to 12mm, and the size covers various lasers such as C20, k40, and Glowforge. The high-grade poplar core material and the excellent Baltic birch core material we provide can greatly improve the cutting speed and effect. And in terms of fluency and stability, it surpasses most of the similar products on the market.

Company production capacity:

       20,000 square meters per week

Processing capacity:

        Woodworking saw cut and laser cut shapes can be provided in various shapes, such as: hearts, snowflakes, circles, etc.

Sample Policy:

        Provide a paid sample package, including A4 size samples, weighing no more than 2KG, and express delivery in North America. Sample fee supports PayPal payment. (The sample fee can be refunded or deducted from the purchase price under the premise that the purchase amount meets the purchase amount of USD 5,000.)

Shipping method:

       Provide a minimum order quantity of 1000 pieces or a minimum order quantity of 2 cubic meters/1000KG, or a full container order, and a customized size and shape processing order.

Delivery time:

        Customers can choose their own designated import agents or we entrust a third party to provide DDP transportation services (tax-clearing delivery to door). After receiving the payment for ordinary orders, the production-packaging-transportation to the port can be completed within 3-7 working days. According to the shipping method chosen by the customer, the shipping cycle by sea or rail is about 11-25 days, and the delivery time is 3-7 working days. You only need to confirm the order and sample, price and other issues, and wait for the arrival at home or in the factory.

Cooperation Policy (North America):

       We pay attention to all customers who purchase products, and seek cooperation with various offline supermarkets, e-commerce platforms and social media retail terminal enterprises and individuals in North America. We can provide franchisees with warehousing and one-piece delivery of laser plywood in the United States. And provide corresponding auxiliary materials. Reduce the operating costs of individuals or small businesses, increase your capital utilization and income. If you are interested, please consult: mlaserplywood@gmail.com

Product types and uses:

Glow Forge

Hui wrought wood

glow material

Glowing Forged Planks

Glowforge Planks

glow plywood

Glow Forge

laser material

Laser laminate

light plywood

laser wood supplier

Basswood Laser Plywood

3mm laser plywood

1/8'' laser plywood

6mm laser plywood

1/4'' laser plywood

K40 laser cutting

C20 laser cutting

Poplar Laser Plywood

Basswood Laser Plywood

laser engraved wood

Laser Cut Plywood

Laser Engraving Plywood

Laser cut MDF

Laser Engraved MDF

Sublimation MDF

Laser Plywood Wheels

Laser MDF Wheel

laser board

laser wood panelround

Where to Buy Laser Plywood

Laser Grade Plywood

Laser Plywood Suppliers

Baltic birch plywood

birch round

birch wheel

1/8'' basswood plywood for laser cutting

product detail presentation
product detail presentation
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