• What is laser plywood?
What is laser plywood?

What is laser plywood?

What is laser plywood?

What is laser plywood?

How is it different from ordinary furniture plywood?

With the popularity and application of laser cutting machines, more and more plywood is being used for laser processing, mainly for crafts and toys, travel souvenirs and home furnishings.

So, is laser plywood the same as ordinary furniture plywood?

Technically speaking, laser plywood is not very different from ordinary furniture plywood.

The only difference is that the selection of materials and processes used in ordinary furniture plywood can lead to unnecessary bad spots and wasted material when used for laser processing.

Laser plywood is a specialised sheet developed on this basis to meet the special requirements of laser processing and specifically for the needs of the industry.

Firstly: from the material selection and process level, the application of some impurities and mineral materials in ordinary furniture plywood is avoided, maximising the probability of good laser cut products.

The low grade scarring materials used in the production of ordinary plywood, as well as the nails and blade chips commonly used to hold the material in place, and the putty used to trim the flat surface. These materials cannot be cut through by an ordinary C20 laser, so many companies that sell ordinary plywood as laser plywood are often subject to after-sales customer complaints.

Secondly: the use of smoother and finer materials to meet the needs of specific industries.

Depending on the popularity of the raw material in the country of manufacture, laser plywood often uses materials such as poplar or birch to produce the core of the board. The surface is veneered with a variety of textures, generally poplar, basswood, birch, beech, tung, maple and bamboo veneer.

These materials have beautiful textures and excellent textures, both in appearance and density, and are ideal for processing a wide range of toys, crafts and so on.

Thirdly, the small size of the panels is easy to customise to match the size of the more conventional laser processing equipment on the market.

The maximum processing size of the more commonly used laser cutting equipment on the market is much lower than the conventional 4 x 8 foot plywood size.

If a customer purchases 4 x 8 foot plywood or MDF, they will often require a large cutting machine with a minimum of 2 to 3 people to split the panels. Whereas if a customer chooses a smaller size of laser plywood, often only one man is required to load and process the panels, saving on equipment and space, as well as expensive labour costs.

What is laser plywood

What is laser plywood

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